WS Does Halloween

Even though Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, employees at all four of our offices got into the Halloween spirit.

Our Minneapolis/St. Paul Office celebrated Halloween on Thursday, Oct. 29, and had 100% employee participation. They then challenged the other offices to “BRING IT” by dressing up the following day.


Our Kansas City office definitely stepped up to Minnesota’s challenge – complete with a costume contest. There was a close race between Barney and Bret Michaels, and Barney took a devastating loss. After the contest, they all went to lunch in their crazy costumes.


Our Columbia office joined the fun with a few goofy costumes, but most of the office saved their best costumes for outside office hours – or maybe they just dressed as ghosts!


Our Calgary office had an office party, and had so much fun that they forgot to take a group picture. They did take a few fun shots like these during their Monster Mash.



Being creative at our agency is the norm in our office and the way that we express ourselves daily through the work we do with our clients. Thankfully around Halloween, the costumes are just an added bonus to the fun we have here every day.

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