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100 Days of Pantones

The 100 Days of Pantones project for Woodruff Sweitzer’s Instagram account happened as a result of looking for consistent content in nothing but weird places. The challenge? Take a picture of “something cool” and match one of the colors featured in the image with a Pantone chip from one of Woodruff Sweitzer’s Pantone books. Sounds easy right?

100 days Series

Not exactly. WS designer Jeremy Pedro was responsible for developing all 100 Pantone image matches and it was only a matter of time until he came to his wits end. “It was hard to find new items. On my way home, I’d have to actively look for things with cool colours to photograph,” said Jeremy. The task of generating new items for the project ultimately became an office-wide effort. Every time someone found an item with a strong color palette, they would bring it in for Jeremy to shoot.


Which image took the cake? “Reggie was probably the most memorable because he’s the only living thing in the whole series, and it’s not like the Pantone books were prepared to match dog fur,” said Jeremy. Office dog and apple head Chihuahua Reginald may have been the cutest subject but was certainly not easy to photograph, what with being a Chihuahua.

The project took over three months to complete, with a concerted effort to post every day – although some days we were just too busy creating mind-blowing content and strategies for our clients. “In an agency, doing something for 100 days straight is like climbing Mount Everest,” said Susan Groeneveld, director of strategic planning at Woodruff Sweitzer. Nevertheless, Woodruff Sweitzer’s Instagram audience engagement increased 300 percent once we began producing interesting and engaging content. Similarly, we saw an overall follower increase of 800 percent by the project’s end date. It’s safe to say that the 100 Days of Pantones were a tremendous success and well worth the effort it took to climb the mountain.

See all 100 posts here: http://www.woodruffsweitzer.com/100days/

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