Morriss Industries innovates with content marketing

Woodruff Sweitzer helps Morris innovate in all-new ways

At Woodruff Sweitzer, we know a few things about growers:

  1. They are inspiring entrepreneurs, get-it-done problem solvers, and the kind of people you want to call a friend.
  2. They do a lot of research before they decide to make a purchase. In behind-the-scenes content marketing speak, this means they get pretty far down the sales funnel before they buy.
  3. As much as they value a good price, they’re also concerned with quality and customer service – basically, they want products from companies that care about their business just as much as they do.

Luckily, our friends at Morris Industries are just that kind of company. Which is precisely why they’ve built equipment with the precision seeding and haying technology, dependable performance and superior product support they need. It’s also why they make it a point to listen, learn and grow with their customers.

While Morris hosts meetings with growers every year to determine the future of their equipment and their brand, engaging with thousands of growers in real time is the real deal.

To demonstrate their egghead-meets-loveable-farming-fanboy personality and move their self-educating customers a few steps down the sales funnel, we created the Morris INNOVATE Blog. On the surface, it’s a simple microsite dedicated to delivering up-to-the-minute info about Morris products and promos. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find much more.

The ongoing content has been divided up to give users a complete picture of Morris’ innovative equipment, unique brand and undying commitment to food production. From useful tech talk like “What farm apps are your favorites?” to user-generated content that shows how Morris is helping growers get the job done right, it’s all the kind of useful, beautiful content that creates value. The kind of stuff that moves potential customers closer to purchase and converts current customers into long-time loyalists and evangelists.

So if you’re a fan of farming – and the men and women who have dedicated their lives to cultivating a better world for the rest of us – hop on over and take a look around. Whether you spend your days feeding the world or communicating to growers, you may just like what you find. Three thousand engaged visitors (and counting!) already have.

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