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WS rocks out for the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival

Since 2008, the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival (or BBRF, as we like to call it) has been pulling in Canada’s top musical talent to a little town about 15 minutes outside of Edmonton for a weekend-long, two-stage celebration of high quality live music for all ages.

For the 2015 BBRF, Woodruff Sweitzer was proud to partner up with the festival’s founders to provide new, eye-catching promotional materials designed to appeal to a younger generation of music lovers and communicate the fresh, fun nature of the event.

Posters for this year’s event featured work from a talented local illustrator and feature young, vibrant characters enjoying the music in their own unique ways. Each poster is printed offset using a trio of neon inks. This unique look stands out against almost any level of street noise, and help to position the BBRF as an age-agnostic event that can be enjoyed by all.


Each illustration also spans across two different posters, so that when they’re tightly clustered together – as gig posters often are – they create one cohesive scene that reflects the communal, free-flowing nature of the BBRF itself.


And finally our digital team worked to create a fully responsive website for the festival that managed to maintain the decidedly chill look and feel of the poster series while doing a lot of heavy lifting – ticket info and purchasing, musical lineup, schedule, festival blogs and photo galleries, sponsorship info – you know, the works.

All in all, we’re pretty proud of the campaign, and are happy to tell you that our partners at BBRF and, most notably, area music lovers felt the same. Not only were our clients thrilled with the poster and web design – we also boosted ticket sales for the show by 66%!

Thanks to everybody who worked on this wonderful concept, and we can’t wait to see you next year at “Canada’s biggest little music festival.”

Client: Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival
Creative: Alexandra Gonzalez
Illustration: Jason Blower
Account Director: Shannon Anderson
Project Manager: Erin Christensen
Production: Amanda Kooy
Printer: McAra

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