Filling a Void in the Potato Industry

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Yes, there are already publications that help potato growers farm, but none are as dedicated as cwt to solving challenges that support a successful operation, beyond growing potatoes. Woodruff Sweitzer created cwt to fill a void in the potato industry and help growers with their business challenges. The editorial team’s dedication and unexpected approach have lead to recognition from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) – awarding the publication with a Gold Quill Merit Award.

So what makes cwt different? Here’s the insider look behind the strategy.

The editorial team doesn’t rely on its own ideas and opinions; they tap into an expanding network of growers and seek input to better understand the audience’s toughest business challenges. These topics are written with insight and presented in a creative and informative way that is unlike anything else in that industry. Some topics include: business transition planning from one generation to the next, business diversification and starting a second business, global market shifts in supply and demand, and navigation of international maximum residue levels.

Difficult, controversial topics aren’t something to be afraid of and are addressed head on — all in an effort to help growers be more successful in their businesses. Potato growers have responded in increasing numbers, by either offering to be a source or even submitting story ideas. Circulation has nearly doubled during its two years in print.

However, the editorial doesn’t stand-alone. The design team is challenged to go beyond what anyone expects in a potato publication to tell the story visually, as well. Breathtaking photography captivates readers by demonstrating a unique view of the potato industry. cwt specializes in taking simple scenes and turning them into art. At a recent auction, cwt photography was auctioned off in support of potato nutrition research, allowing growers to showcase this artwork in their homes.

With this approach and dedication to the success of potato growers, it’s no wonder why marketing communications peers, agriculture audiences and business leaders have recognized cwt as something unexpected.

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