A Message from Our Heroes

Unexpected. That describes many of the ideas we deliver for our clients.

It also describes the feelings of our Marine unit when they received the Hero Boxes we sent their way for Christmas 2014. Only Unit Commander Emery knew our gifts were on the way, so the packages definitely surprised our Marines with the Marines with Hero Boxunexpected holiday gifts.

Due to missions and other obligations, it’s taken a bit, but we’ve heard from the unit commander and he shared this message, on behalf of our Marines, regarding the gifts we shared to honor our clients:

Here is a picture of most of the guys that we could squeeze into our aisle when we got back from our most recent operation and saw your packages. Again, we were so happy and absolutely delighted to be receiving these packages, especially on Christmas. Thank you and your colleagues for taking your time to show us so much love here. You guys made this Christmas one to remember for all of us. Thank you a thousand times!”

No, thank you, servicemen and women, for protecting us and our freedoms, on Christmas and every day.

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