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Mizzou’s Women’s Basketball Poster Sweeps Up Award

Woodruff Sweitzer loves to keep the ideas fresh. So what better way to get fresh ideas than from a fresh perspective?

Mizzou Women’s Basketball staff came to Woodruff Sweitzer with a vision for what they wanted for a new Women’s Basketball poster. Coach Robin Pingeton needed a poster that showed the focused and fierce competitive attitude of the team as a whole, while giving tribute to seniors Morgan Eye and Bree Fowler for their distinctive celebratory jump that is never missed after either one of them make a shot.

Our talented art director, Gaige Larson, took that vision and together, with photographer, LG Patterson @picturelg, brought it to life on a panoramic poster with a white background and matte overall finish to ensure every team member jumped off the page.

Apparently no detail was lost on posterswag.com that ranked the poster as number one in the Women’s College Basketball Poster Category.

Check out the posterswag.com Top 50 rankings: http://bit.ly/1znKuzZ.

So, a celebratory jump goes out to Mizzou Women’s Basketball, LG Patterson and the always-wonderful WS team for yet another compelling piece of work that achieves the vision and results both on and off the court.

Thinking about your next poster project? Allow us to give it a shot.

P.S. More Woodruff Sweitzer poster work: http://blog.woodruffsweitzer.ca/1872/bright-blues


265c-1414 WBB Poster.indd

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