Experiential marketing really works (especially when handled by an ad agency)
May 30, 2014

Experiential marketing really works (especially when handled by an ad agency)

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing (aka event marketing) refers to tactics designed to let customers to get hands-on with a brand’s products and face-to-face with the people behind them.  Or, as we call it, fully realized content marketing. Executions include specialized brand events, trade shows and impromptu engagements.

Why you should use experiential marketing

  • It gives your customers the ultimate brand experience: experiencing the brand first hand
    Agencies love to talk about how they will deliver valuable “brand interactions/engagements/conversations” in new and exciting ways. But, do you know what makes the best brand conversation? An actual conversation. Two people talking to each other. Events are made for this.
  • Events enable the most important way to gain trust from customers: listening to them
    According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, the number one way to motivate trust is to listen to customer needs and feedback.
  • A well-executed event could be the most satisfying (and profitable) marketing initiative you employ
    Full disclosure: This post is brought to you by an ad agency that has an in-house event management team. The feedback we get from our clients who capitalize on our integrated events services is overwhelmingly positive.

Why you should trust your next event to an ad agency with an in-house event team

  • You need to take a 360o view of your marketing
    An event company has one marketing tool: an event. But, you have a better chance of achieving your marketing and sales goals when you take a  360o view of all possible brand engagements. Making an event part of a broader integrated campaign will get you closer to your sales goals faster.
  • The best events start with strategic, creative ideas
    Ideas are the stock and trade of ad agencies.  And big cool ideas are what will make an informative event inspiring, and an entertaining event exhilarating!
  • You need digital executions, creative concepts, signage, swag and other material anyway, why not get the full package from one source?
    Getting all your event/experiential needs from an ad agency isn’t just easier and more efficient, more importantly, you get the power of creative, strategic and event management minds working together to create an integrated, cohesive package.

Your agency doesn’t offer experiential marketing? Here’s why you’re missing out

  • Many agencies only think about what they can offer, rather than what you actually need
    Event marketing isn’t even on many ad agencies’ radars.
  • They can’t (they don’t have the in-house expertise)
    Integrating event know-how with an ad agency’s creative and strategic teams takes a strong commitment to a strategic, integrated vision. Plus, a strong event management team is a big investment.

Like to learn more? Get tips on hosting a successful trade show installation here. Learn more about why events are effective here. Visit the Woodruff Sweitzer website or contact us at events@woodruffsweitzer.ca.

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